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Hi Ken, I wanted to thank you for the time that we spent together on the
Grand River.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm and the way that you transfer that
knowledge made for a memorable day.  I learned a lot in a short time.

Jim Murphy Paris, Ontario

Hi Ken, I received my new Bauer reel today. It looks great , can't wait
to try it out. I would like to say thanks Ken. Can always count on you.


Hey Ken I am getting closer to that 20 incher, this one was 18.5 on the
white bugger, the worst part I lost one that was much bigger, thanks for the
suggestion on the white bugger 


Hi Dave;  thanks for a great day.  Great technical teaching and we loved
the on the water strategy for working the pools and working within the tree
Thanks for being so supportive.
D & R

Ralph Manktelow

Hi Ken,
I am taking a few minutes to let you know how great your "crawfish" flies are.  Yesterday I was with two friends on the Grand River. For the first few minutes we were accompanied by two large deer, across the river getting a drink of water, what a scene! 
My first fly of the day was your crawfish fly.  I started catching small bass immediately.  For the next half an hour I caught at least 12 fish ranging from 8" to 14".  I cast again and looked at my overall presentation.  I thought my 4 foot leader was not long enough and the river current was too strong in this location.  I tied on a leader approx. 8' and I put on two small weights, just ahead of the crawfish fly.  The next cast produced a 4 1/2 lb, beautful large mouth bass.  With the proper presentation, I caught another 4 plus pound bass, as well as several bass between 2 and 4 pounds in the followng three hours.  Totally I caught over 30 fish. (I stopped counting at 30). The crawfish fly made by Troutfitters is by far the best bass fly I have ever used.  Last year I used this fly with the same results. The reason I meantioned last year is, there was a large slow spot in the  river.  A trick I learned years ago, to entice larger fish, was to present them with the smell of a worm so I put a worm on with the crawfish fly.  Within  three casts,  I caught a 15 lb carp.  What a thrill it is to catch a fish that size, with that much strength and fight in a river.  I use only 3 and 4 lb test leaders and fighting these larger fish is a thrill. 
The crawfish fly is amazing.  I have watched it in the water and it acts just like a real crawfish. Last year, I took the time in clear shallow water, to learn how to make this fly move like a real crawfish.   This fly is so well designed that this only took a few minutes.  The fly acts naturally by itself, but in different water speeds, you must control it.  Again the fly is so easy to master since it is so well designed  and the proof is in the fish it catches.
Thank you Troutfitters for the great fly and all of the fun it has given me.

Alan Hurdle

Hi Ken,

I'd like to thank you again for a great day on the water!  My Dad and I had a fantastic time and a memory we'll be able to share for years.  You certainly have a passion for your craft and the outdoors which is inspiring.  
Keep up the great work and you will definitely be seeing us again.  


Rob Sale

Hi Ken, Thanks for a fantastic trip! I really had a great time.  And the fish we got into showed up at best possible time - as we were finishing off the day.  If I had choice between getting fish at the beginning and the end of my day, I would pick the latter because it feels more satisfying. It felt great to use a spey rod again.

Thanks for the great instruction and guidance.   I'll definitely pick up my spey rod again this winter/spring.

Ehsan from BC

Just wanted to say I saw buddy from the shop on the new fly fisher showing redneck rabbit so I tied a couple with purple polar uv and purple rabbit strip and a couple in green. Used them in the Conestoga river caught lots of nice smallmouth and a nice 20" on the purple. Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe it's a great fly. more people need to use it.

Derek Schlitt

Hi Ken,

Just wanted to follow-up with a "big thanks" for the Credit 101 session you gave me last Tuesday.  I went back for a 1/2 yesterday and applied what you taught me.  Not a bad morning.....hooked 3 fish and landed & released 2.(nice female and a big male)   All caught on a white egg pattern fishing upstream from the float fisherman who were shoulder to shoulder working the pools.

Also my 1st fish on the Helios Switch that I got from you this Summer.......very pleased with this system.

Thanks again......will call you to set-up a session for the Spring.

Best regards,

Brian Gray


Just a quick note to thank you again for our bass trip last Thursday. It was outstanding, I have never caught so many fish in a single day! In fact since I have only been fishing now for a couple of years, I probably caught as many fish as I have ever caught in total!

Bob McGlynn


Thanks for the fast reply. I too enjoyed our river time together. You are a great guide and make every minute worthwhile. I hope you told Ken we had a good session. My daughter is doing great thank for asking,

Bite it Leonard, bite it

Hello Ken,

Our day on the water was fantastic! Our guide, Steve (I think his name was Steve, I'm bad with names) was incredible. His knowledge was outstanding and he really made learning to fly fish fun and easy! We learnt a great deal from him and we are now "hooked" on the sport. Please let Steven know how much fun we had and how much we appreciated him sharing his knowledge with us.

Thanks for everything

Kevin Brochu

I thought I would send you a note and let you know that we had a great time yesterday with Larry and Dave. Both were very professional, easy to talk to with good senses of humour, and very informative/patient for us newbie's. We are looking forward to coming again next spring. It looks like I am hooked and plan on pursuing fly fishing going forward and plan on keeping an eye on your used equipment list.

Robert Kaszuba FPET


Thanks for an amazing Learn to fly fish corporate event. Your guides were great. I was really impressed.

Tom - Dekay Construction

Thank you for a phenomenal day of ultimate steelheading! When I think back on the guided day I am struck by the beauty of the landscape, the gentle sky and the wild fish action! Steelies on the line. Wow! Big, powerful, exploding fish on tiny flies and there you were, ken, with as much whoop and holler as the rest of us...maybe more!

Your Hooked-On-Fly-fishing apprentice,

Sandra Root

Just an inquiry if you are still in the 'loop' offering fly-fishing instruction for 'newbies'. I have a friend who is interested and I would not steer him anywhere else. I have had the pleasure of taking the course (twice)with both of you gentlemen and introduced several friends over the years and found the instruction to be excellent, informative and most enjoyable. We would be looking at either late August or September if possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Gerrit (Elora)

I have brought many of international clients to the rivers of Ontario, this great fishery combined with the instructional and guiding expertise of Ken Collins made these days on the river a day that my clients often talk about.

I have found that in the sport of fly fishing there is always new things to learn, and Ken goes out of his way to instruct you while he guides, giving you that extra edge and life long experience that makes you a better fly fisherman.

Gary Bartholomew, Toronto, ON