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If there is one advantage we here at Troutfitters admit to - it is we are all ears when it comes to fly-fishing in exotic locations. Not just because we are curious about other possibilities but more so because we have had bad experiences on numerous traveling expeditions ourselves and fully appreciate the bad taste they leave in your waters fished memory bank.

So by listening - doing our own further research -- and finally testing the waters for ourselves - we come up with our preferred lists of trips and important people to contact.

We are extremely confident of our adventure travel partners and would have no reservations suggesting them to you, our special customers.

We are not a registered Ontario Travel Agency and therefore do not take deposits for trips. We do each year though pick and put a hold on a prime time week for each of our preferred trips. So join us this week or book another time that fits your schedule and lets us prepare you for the Fly-fishing trip of a lifetime.

We hold equipment preparation and fly tying nights for each of our Troutfitter's week tours. These nights join together our group even before we get to the location. The friendships develop naturally and we feel good being part of that camaraderie.

And here is another reason why you would like to at least mention our store's name to these tour hosts - you will receive a $100 Gift Certificate for purchases for the trip.
(host confirmation required)

Venezuela Fly-fishing – Los Roques -

This is Troutfitter’s hosted tour pick for 2013. We have wanted to go here for some time now. Booking a hosted 8 person tour for this area is difficult. – it is always full! We have sent pairs and singles and the returning reports have been -- “I am going back”!

So here we are with our own 7 days on the island of Los Roques with six days of fishing. This trip offers big bonefish, permit, tarpon, jacks and my favourite big offshore barracuda – plus more! The wading “pancake flats” here are really unique and incredibly picture perfect.

The food and lodging is also way above average here. We have sent numerous couples to this location with great success -some of them have even been non angling spouses.

Call (519) 787-4379 or email us for more information and be sure to check out the Salt water gallery and last year’s trip in Days on the Water

Cuba Fly-fishing – Cayo Romano --Please contact us.

Just when I thought Cuba angling could not get any better. This location has got me intrigued! The rebuilt Cuban mansion and staff are absolute top notch. Even the food here was way above the normal. I will be booking more Troutfitter hosted tours here for sure!

Again all our tours are 7 days in Cuba with six days of fishing. The salt water skiffs and motors are well kept and the guides know their waters very well. You do fish paired (2 anglers per boat) on this trip but the opportunities for 2 up at a time wading flats is frequent – just as the guide. The bonefish are bigger here than the Salinas and there is not as many but when you see the size of permit that swim here – you will return every year till you land one. I know this to be true.

Call (519) 787-4379 or email us for more information and be sure to check out the Salt water gallery and last year’s trip in Days on the Water

Cuba Fly-fishing - La Salina's -- Please contact us.

Absolutley the best shallow water salt water Fly-fishing I have experienced. Miles and miles of flats - just you and your guide - alone to explore.

Imagine 7 days in the south with six days of fishing. You canof catch countless bonefish, tarpon, big barracuda, snook, jacks, permit and more. Now think about this - you have only experienced one part of the trip - the river tarpon fishing is just as good or even better!

Call (519) 787-4379 or email us for more information and be sure to check out the Salt water gallery and last years trip in Days on the Water.

Slipstream WorldWide

British Columbia - Terrace

You have probably read about it and or watched it on TV this past year. It was one of the best Fly-fishing shows I have seen this past year. The steelhead fishing was really incredible and cooperating for the TV camera to boot. (lucky Dustin)

Chad one of our student employees from long ago is now managing this operation for a co owner friend of mine. This combination of place, fish and people is tough to beat.

Call Chad direct and say hi for me. I have been there only once and to act like I know enough to sell you your trip would be wrong but I trust Chad bigtime!


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