Grand River Troutfitters Store Staff

Ken Collins

Owner and Head Guide Instructor
Ken, the owner of Grand River Troutfitters, has been fishing with a fly since a teacher introduced him to the sport when he was about 11. Ontario's first Fly-fishing Federation-certified instructor, an expert in every aspect of the sport, well-travelled and a bundle of energy. Ken's greatest strength is his ability to pass on his knowledge, whether it's to a novice or an experienced angler.

Winston (2002 - 2018)

Captain Mascot
Winston has been in the boat since 12 weeks old. I doubt there is a dog that has seen more river than him. I only hope his silence will never be broken even by the infamous doggy treat. If you're squeamish don't ask why Winston looks so dirty - especially if you have any favouritism towards muskrats -- because Winston definitely doesn't share your love.

Rocky (2008-2018)

Store Mascot 2
Rocky is Winston's younger brother by 6 years. They both have the same father (Oscar). Rabdalor Breeders are top in my books email Kathy Brouwer the owner for more information.