River Conditions

DATE:May 16, 2019 at 9:08 pm
FLOW:River Flows are 25.46 CMS (safe wading here is 15CMS and under)
Temperature:7°C or 45°F
 8°C or 47°F
 9°C or 48°F

Again too high to fish safely. Man what a bad year so far.

Upper1. BWO
Middle1. BWO
Lower1. un sure

Guide Fly Choice #1


Griffiths Knat - Price: $1.99


A famous pattern that just keeps on producing great fish. This midge imitation is said to be a cluster, a group of midges that have landed on the water and then the stream currents clumped them together. Whatever it is it works.

River Conditions

*** For more river info and fly selections please see Orvis River Conditions