Dr Slick - Mitten Scissor Clamps

5.5 Inch - Gold Loops

Sorry, we currently do not have sizes available for this option.

Product Description:

This is an all-in-one tool. First, the jaws are super strong yet thin for quick easy hook removals. The front of jaws are flat for knocking down barbs on your flies. There is a needle point in jaws for clearing head cement or debri from your eye of hooks .They have quality scissors that are fine enough to cut 8x tippet but will also nip through wire bite guard material. They even cut braided line for those that spin fish, too. 

I go nowhere near water with a fly rod without a pair of these clamped to my vest, shirt or wader strap. They are perfect for bare or hands with gloves on - no small holes to try and fit cold fat fingers in. They have an easy one hand squeeze and re squeeze operation. The scissors cut everything I need to for both fresh and salt water angling.

Ken Collins : Pro Staff/Boat/Guide/Instructor