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Store : Tying Materials

So many companies, so many materials, same materials with different names, no quality control are just some of the struggles fly tyers deal with on daily basis. We here at Troutfitters have been through all these dilemmas and much more. Retailing fly tying materials for over 30 years has taught us many things.

Quality speaks volumes - you can't tie junk on a hook! New and innovative products make fresh advances on the tying benches of our customers and we will continue to hunt for the GOOD new products.

Please note if product is marked ON SALE the sale price does not show until you view full description of item.


Streamer Materials

Here is where you will find all the great materials we stock to tie most if not every streamer you could desire.

Fly Tying Tools

Having quality tools makes fly tying more enjoyable.

Dry Fly Materials

Here is our selection of top quality dry fly tying materials.

Nymph Tying Materials

Tying a good nymph starts with good products.

Wet Fly Tying Materials

Most fly boxes do not have enough wets - do not make the same mistake.

Salmon Steelhead Materials

Check here for more of our favourite fly tying products.

Thread, Wire & Tinsel

If its on a spool look in here.

Eyes, Beads and Chenilles

All these items needed their own department to keep things simple.